Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is my first post.

As a lover of Technology, how could I bear to delete or edit the opening Blog Post title of “Hello world!”

This blog will be for many things: my personal life,  technology, medicine, family life, etc.  Maybe someone will read it, maybe it will be a quick fling for me to learn how to use wordpress, maybe it will become the next Art of Manliness website! (The last option would be unacceptable, as I hope no one EVER has to replace AoM. Brett and his team are awesome).

For a quick intro, my name is Jonny Hatch. I’m 23, a pre-medical student, a technology professional, a husband, a soon-to-be father, a Mormon, and a Man. I love my wife, who is an avid dancer. I love her passion, humor, and all-around gumption and love of life. She is beautiful, awesome, and everything to me.  Here is a photo of us with some of our friends up #provocanyon:

We are expecting a baby boy on March 23, 2018. Besides morning sickness, we couldn’t be happier! We are excited to start our new family together. If you have any name suggestions, drop them below! (So far, “Junior” is our only name… And no, not Jonathan Hatch Jr., but simple “Junior Hatch”… Yeah, we need more suggestions 😉)

We love the outdoors, the Stormlight Archive Series by Brandon Sanderson, Ping-Pong, Stargate, Country Dancing, and ice-cream.

Anyway, please stay awhile! Enjoy your time! I hope besides endless rants, these posts have some sort of relevance in your life. Until next time!